Hat Creek Fly Fishing

The clearness and consistent temperature of Hat Creek waters, in combination with an unwavering amount of creek flows, offers anglers enjoyment of fly fishing here almost any day of the year. But then, because of the ideal fishing place that is Hat Creek, there definitely is a price to pay and that is the plenty of visitors wanting to have the same fly fishing enjoying like you do. This is always the case all year long. Nonetheless, if you are new to fly fishing and need some instructions and guidance on technique and presentation, then Hat Creek is the perfect place for you.

Many of California’s veteran anglers and really skilled fly fishers go to Hat Creek to test their angling skills against each other or simply enjoy an afternoon of fly flying. Anyone can just simply park anywhere around the creek and walk, and be able to learn and try everything from making long distance casts to understanding the importance of 15-foot tippets as well as flies that are so tiny that only the most experienced fly fisher can tie them.

Hat creek has the distinction of being the first western region fishery to be assigned for wild trout fish in 1967. The ratio of population of rainbow trout is pegged at around 80 percent, while the brown trout is at 20 percent.

Some words of caution if you are a wader who wants to work the grassy banks; muskrat holes are found everywhere and can surely turn your wading experience somewhat dicey. Take extra care, and much better if you can have a wading staff when you are unsure of footing.

If you like to do the streamers along the grassy banks and sneak up on brown trout which are keeping themselves in these hideouts, then be prepared for sudden excitement. The need for excellent casting skills in this case cannot be over-emphasized.

A good fly fisher should know that the best flies for Hat Creek are the Parachute Mayflies colored black, tan, or brown. Mayflies almost always hatch everyday of the season up to late November. For those who want to tie their own flies, it will not hurt if they would just buy local flies and just copy them. In fact bars around Hat Creek area might be the best place to talk to flies as well as fly fishing experts on what really works in Hat Creek.