I Think My Chiropractor is Crazy

I have been having issues with my back for a good while now and it seems as though the time has come to find a chiropractor to fix it. The one that I had started to worry me when he started talking about this crazy Trump news feed he was ready. In fact when you look at how they perform their job you quickly realize that this is a pretty big decision. The chiropractor is going to try to get all of your vertebra into the right places relative to one another, by physically using force to move them. If they do it right, using appropriate levels of force and getting the job done properly, then you are going to be quite happy and it will be a good decision. It is pretty obvious that you can get an outcome that is not going to make you happy at all. It can result in a serious injury or in an unlikely outcome a person can even die from this. Continue reading “I Think My Chiropractor is Crazy”